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Sample Table of Contents for The Technician Trainer Course Modules

Module One

The Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Settings
1. The Pharmacy Technician

A. Personal Standards of a Pharmacy Technician
B. Duties of a Pharmacy Technician
C. Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Knowledge Statements for the National Examination
D. Certification
E. Sample Questions

2. Pharmacy Settings
3. Answer Key for Sample Questions

Module Two
Pharmacy Law

1. Important Pharmacy Laws

A. Schedule of Important Pharmacy Laws
B. Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970
C. Federal Laws Regulating Controlled Substances
D. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
E. State Laws
F. Law and The Pharmacy Technician
G. Sample Questions

2. Drug Development Process
3. The National Drug Code (NDC) Number
4. Drug Recalls

Sample Questions

5. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Number

Sample Questions

6. Prescription Fraud

Sample Questions

7. Healthcare Standard-Making Organizations

Sample Questions

8. Answer Key for Sample Questions

Module Three
Medical and Pharmacy Abbreviations

1. Basic Pharmacology

Sample Questions

2. Important Pharmacy Abbreviations

Sample Questions

3. Medical Terminology

Sample Questions

4. Answer Key for Sample Questions

Module Four
Prescriptions, Insurance, and Inventory

1. Prescriptions

A. Pharmacy Prescription Settings
B. Processing a Prescription
C. Important Prescription Information
D. Sample Questions
E. Transcribing of Prescriptions
F. Computer-Generated Prescription Labels (p 13)
G. Sample Questions
i. Bonus Sample Question
H. Package Insert
I. Patient Information Leaflet
J. Prescription Signature Log
K. Important Reminders for Filling Prescriptions
L. Sample Questions

2. Important Insurance Information

A. Online Claim Information Needed to Enter into the Computer
B. Pharmacy Benefit Managers
C. Different Types of Third Party Programs
D. Disease State Management Services
E. Sample Questions

3. Inventory Control

A. Inventory Management
B. Pharmacy Database Systems
C. Other Important Factors
D. Sample Questions

4. Answer Key for Sample Questions

Module Five
Routes & Formulations, Aseptic Technique, Compounding

1. Routes and Dosage Forms

A. Routes of Administration
B. Dosage Forms
C. Oral Dosage Forms
D. Sample Questions
E. Parenteral Forms
F. Sample Questions

2. Aseptic Technique

A. Aseptic Technique Guidelines
B. Laminar Flow Hoods
C. Equipment Used Inside of A Laminar Flow Hood
D. Chemotherapy
E. Sample Questions
F. Other Safety Guidelines and Special Solutions
G. Sample Questions

3. Compounding

A. Compounding Overview
B. Documentation and Record Keeping
C. Stability
D. Sample Questions
E. The Four-Step Compounding Process
F. Equipment Used in Compounding
G. Common Terminology Used in Compounding
H. Sample Questions

4. Answer Key for Sample Questions

Module Six
Pharmacy Calculations

1. Pharmacy Metric and Apothecary Systems
2. Roman Numerals, Fractions, and Decimals

A. Sample Questions
B. Tips on Solving Word Problems

3. Decimal Forms, Ratios, Proportions, Percentages and Temperature Conversions

Sample Questions

4. Compounding Calculations

Sample Questions

5. Business Math

Sample Questions

6. Answer Key for Sample Questions

Module Seven
Drug Classifications

1. Drug Classifications

A. Anesthetics
B. Analgesics
i. Sample Questions

C. Antineoplastics

D. Antihyperlipidemic

E. Anti-Infectives

i. Sample Questions

F. Cardiovascular

i. Sample Questions

G. Dermatological

H. Gastrointestinal

i. Sample Questions

I. Hematological

J. Hormones

K. Immunobiologic

i. Sample Questions

L. Musculoskeletal

M. Neurological

N. Ophthalmic

i. Sample Questions

O. Psychotropic

i. Sample Questions

P. Respiratory

i. Sample Questions

2. Nutritional Supplements

Sample Questions

3. Drugs that Look and Sound Alike

4. Answer Key for Sample Questions

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