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How the Course Works

If You’re Serious about PASSING the PTCB Exam,
You’ve Come to the Right Place!

The Technician Trainer is a course designed to give you all of the information you will need to PASS the PTCB National Certification Exam on the FIRST TRY. With a 99% success rate of students passing the PTCB Exam on their first try, instructor Mary Anna Marshall, CPhT, now offers students and career-changers the opportunity to succeed regardless of geographic location.

The Technician Trainer offers students a core curriculum that covers everything you need to know... and nothing you don’t need to know... in order to become a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Because so many Pharmacy Technician certification prep courses are designed by Pharmacists and not by Pharmacy Technicians, many online courses give much more information than you need to know to pass the PTCB Exam. Not this one. The Technician Trainer is specifically designed for people studying to PASS the PTCB Exam, it includes everything you need to know, and nothing you don’t.

Why pay to learn more information than you need when
The Technician Trainer gives you ONLY what you need to know?

When you sign up for The Technician Trainer, you gain access to seven course Modules, seven interactive Quizzes, and an interactive Final Practice Exam consisting of 125 questions just like those you’ll find on the PTCB National Exam. Each Module contains sample questions along-side the material to aid in learning. The Quizzes and Final Practice Exam give you your scores immediately after completion. In all, over 250 sample exam questions are contained in this prep course.

The Technician Trainer is a self-paced course. Though, on average, it takes approximately 2 months to learn all of the material.

When you sign up for The Technician Trainer, you get:

Direct access to Mary Anna Marshall, CPhT, in weekly chat room sessions and via email.
ALL and ONLY the information you need to PASS.
Hundreds of Sample Exam Questions.
Unique Hints and Tricks to learning Pharmacy Math Calculations.
The freedom to study at your own pace and track your progress through interactive quizzes that provide immediate test results.
And, the security of knowing you’ve signed up for the most thorough Pharmacy Technician Certification Prep Course available!

When you purchase your study materials here at The Technician Trainer, you have access to the Modules, Quizzes, Final Exam and Chat Room until the date of the PTCB National Certification Exam. Though 99% of Mary Anna’s students pass the PTCB Exam on their first try, should you not succeed in passing, you will have access to The Technician Trainer until your next exam date. The PTCB Exam is going to be a computerized exam beginning in February, 2007. For dates and testing sites of upcoming PTCB Examinations, visit PTCB.org

The Technician Trainer invites you to view a sample Table of Contents for each Module so you can see for yourself all of the necessary information you’ll learn to pass the PTCB Exam.

There are no gimmicks here, you get everything you need to PASS the PTCB Exam for one all-inclusive price of $359.00.

If you have any questions about The Technician Trainer, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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